Our Recycling and Reuse Organisation Policy

Enironment policy statement

Green Horizons Merthyr Limited is committed to minimising to environmental impact of continuing to send furniture and other items to landfill by using our "re use" charitable organisation. This has a duel effect of helping the environment and alleviating poverty.

We are committed to the reduction of pollution and the compliance with environmental legislation. Promoting environmental best practice techniques with all staff.

We will identify opportunities to reduce any environmental issues that may arise, raise staff and the general public awareness to what Green Horizons do.

We will communicate our environmental performance both with our board of trustees and external agencies.

We will make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy, water and other natural resources. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution from local and wider environments.

We will employ sound waste management practices including the compliance with the requirements of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (package and waste).

We will Develop and maintain emergency procedure to deal effectively with any significant environmental hazards which may arise from Green Horizons activities.

Signed on behalf of Green Horizons Merthyr.
Gerwyn Williams            William Smith
Project Manager              Chairman

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